Tough At The Top


The glory is yours for the taking!

Whatís it all about?

Tough At The Top is a multi-player football management game based on the English football league where each of the teams in the league compete in various competitions over the length of the season.† You can manage any one of the teams in any of the divisions and each week you have control over team selection, training, buying and selling players, and stadium facilities.


The game is played on a turn-by-turn basis which involves each manager filling in a set of instructions using the eTurnCreater, submitting them to Games By Mailís processing department, and then receiving a set of updates and reports detailing everything that happened to their club that week.


You can join in at any time (it doesnít have to be at the beginning of a season) and can play for as long as you want.† Some people take control of† a team and play for only a few weeks before deciding that it isnít the game for them, whilst others started playing over 15 years ago and are still happily managing their teams to this day.† The only obligation is that you pay for the service you receive.† This can either be done on a weekly basis or you can send in a lump sum every so often.† The choice is yours.


Playing in a multi-player game like this might seem like a strange idea but it does have some benefits over computer games that you can play at home.† Although the game takes longer to play you do get longer to work out what you want to do each turn and youíre not tied to your computer whilst you think about it.† You also get to negotiate with real people rather than a programmeís artificial intelligence.† The game has an online message-board where people playing in the same game all get together to do deals, talk about the game, and discuss life in general.